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The Soulful Sunday Story

Rewind back to March 2021...

...after a tough, tough 12 months of lockdowns, rules and regulations, restrictions started to lift and myself and 4 friends travelled to Luss beach, in Loch Lomond one Sunday morning. It felt weirdly naughty to be around other people, out side of our local boundaries and entering back in to "normal" life


We rolled out our yoga mats and I lead us through some gentle poses. We eased off our weary bodies, took some deep breaths after what had felt like a year of stress and vowed to FEEL BETTER! We then entered the cold water together, slowly,  supporting and encouraging each other and released the stress and tension we had been carrying around. It was honestly like a rebirth. We sat in awe at the view and warmed up around a fire and had a right good catch up.


Needless to say, we felt incredible all of that week. All messaging each other to say how much happier, more focused and grateful we felt...and suddenly a concept was born


💡What if other people could come along on a Sunday morning to a safe and organised event that helped them to feel like we did?

💡 What if I could help lots of people to FEEL BETTER? 

💡 What if life really does get better when we focus on the beauty that surrounds us and take some time to nurture ourselves for once?

💡 What if other people are in need of a community of like minded souls? 


The next week... yoga on the beach at Luss became a "SOULFUL SUNDAY" and here we nearly two years later a growing, thriving community of over 50+ people per week, all getting out of our comforts zones and finding a bit of joy in life 


My goal is that one day, we will have a Soulful Sunday event happening on every beach and Loch side in the UK.....well....why not??? 🙏🙏

Email :

Soulful Sunday teacher Jules Nimmo-Wilson
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