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Big Glamp Out at Cove Farm

We are delighted to say that the ever popular 'Big Glamp Out' will be returning BIGGER and BETTER at Cove Farm this year.

This experience is all about YOU! 

Our exclusive 1 and 2 night Wellness Retreats are designed to harmonise your mind, body and spirit, providing a haven for self-discovery.


Embrace complete tranquillity by disconnecting from the digital world. Switch off your phone and immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Breathe, relax and unwind. 


Meet Rosie

Meet our beautiful hostess and retreat facilitator, Rosie Low.

Rosie is owner of Cove Farm and recent teacher training graduate turned Soulful Sunday coach.

We are delighted Rosie will continue to facilitate our  retreats at Cove Farm and know that you are in for a truly special experience when you sign up for the ultimate weekend of self care!


Cove Farm is a glamping site situated on the beautiful East Lothian and Berwickshire coastline.

Picture a getaway filled with invigorating yoga practices set against the backdrop of our breathtaking glamping campsite located in an area of outstanding beauty. 

The cabins offer the perfect blend of comfort and nature. When the sun goes down, imagine unwinding after invigorating yoga sessions with a soothing soak beneath the open sky in your private wood-fired hot tub.


What's Included?

After a welcoming yoga practise, join us in exploring various breathing techniques that are designed to calm your nervous system before breaking past your limitations and reaching your true potential by diving into our crisp and refreshing ice baths. Once you have experienced the stimulating rush of cold water you can then truly enjoy the comforting heat our of sauna. Alternating between these contrasting extremes promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension and leaves you feeling utterly revitalised. 


Have you ever heard of an outdoor guided moving mediation? Our final evening session will be 'Move to Feel'. Move, dance, sense, play and connect and set your soul free. This is an experience not be missed.

With a delightful twist to your getaway, indulge in artisanal pizzas, cooked in the onsite wood fired pizza oven. Enjoy with a glass of Prosecco and get cosy around the fire and have a good old natter. 

On your final morning after a restful nights sleep, we will conclude with a Soulful Sunday session where we will do yoga and breathwork on the beach followed by a guided dip in sea. 

Dates & Rates

Single Night Retreat Dates

Saturday 9th March 2024

Saturday 27th April 2024

Saturday 18th May 2024

Pricing (Based on Number of people per Cabin)

*Cabins have a double bed and double sofa bed allowing up to 4 adults


1 person per cabin £270

2 people per cabin £212pp

3 people per cabin £170pp

4 people per cabin £163pp

For an unforgettable weekend, reserve your spot by emailing:

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