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I am DELIGHTED to introduce our new SOULFUL SUNDAY SYSTEM ✨✨✨


A support tool that allows you to experience the incredible healing benefits of yoga, breath work and cold water therapy EVERY SINGLE DAY!


 Our gorgeous, durable tubs:

- Are 85cm x 80cm

- Come with 2 lids so you can keep it clean between uses. One inner lid and all weather outer lid.

- Plus free storage bag.

- Have an inflatable head rest with hand pump included

- Free delivery

- Suitable for men and women 

- Triple lined with foil to stay cool


The best bit???  With our tub you have access to my EXCLUSIVE 6 MINUTE METHOD  that is designed to set you up for the day, each day in only 6 minutes!


I have created a guide that is unlike anything else on the market!


Here is what you receive with your tub:

- My 6 minute morning routine that is proven to start your day in the best way possible


PLUS if you have more time you also have access to: 

- 🧘‍♂️ 20 minute guided morning yoga video to help you create the perfect morning routine 

- ☯️ 20 minute evening yoga nidra video to help you settle in to sleep at night 

- ❄️ 5 minute guided audio to listen to ask you step in to the tub, to help you take that first step in, to relaxing in deeper and hold you accountable once you are in

- ✅ A 30 day challenge sheet to set yourself a goal and use in our private Facebook community group as inspo together


All of these things would have made my cold water journey so much easier so I can't wait to share them with you! 💓💓


If you haven't experienced the benefits of a regular cold water practice yet...here are a few! 


☯️ Decrease in inflammation

☯️ Improves immune response

☯️ Increase circulation

☯️ Pain relief

☯️ Muscle recovery

☯️ Deepens sleep

☯️ Increases metabolic rate

☯️ Increases mood 

☯️ Balances hormones

☯️ Regulates mood

☯️ Helps manage stress and anxiety

BACK IN STOCK DONT DELAY IN ORDERING - When you order tub you will get email confirming details for supporting videos and audio right away.

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